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Application for Community Members
 CU’s Intergenerational Writing Class, Fall 2023

Please fill out the application below as completely and specifically as you can..

For any issues with the application or for more information, contact

Please include your phone number in your email for a callback.


Application for Community Members

(Must be at least 60)

Do you have basic technology skills, i.e., word processing, emailing, and texting?

Attendance and participation by Community Members are key to the structure of this class. 

The class will meet:

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 PM- 4:45 PM

Beginning Tuesday, August 29, and ending Thursday, December 14.

There is No Class on Labor Day, 9/4, and during Fall Break, 11/20 - 11/24.  

The classroom is in the Visual Arts Complex, room number 1B-88. 

Note:  If you know you will be missing class, please let us know which dates you cannot attend. (We understand you may have previous plans/commitments that cannot be changed.  We also understand that “life happens” and an unexpected event may occur that may require an occasional absence.)

Thank you for applying.

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