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InterGen Impact

Connecting Generations

Intergenerational Writing: Building the Generational Bridge 

Exploring the American DreamWRTG 3020

Passing the Baton  

The root of this course is the idea that we create and maintain knowledge through a collaborative process resembling a constantly evolving conversation that is inherited and passed on by each generation. Writing and conversation are integral to our understanding of and ability to relay this inheritance. Depending on how one perceives its value or usefulness, inherited knowledge may be treasured or forgotten altogether over time. Often, we’re left to appraise inheritances only after those who bestowed them are no longer with us. Meaning is fragmented and lost without their memories to provide context. Communication between and among generations is a bridge between all that we inherit and all that we pass on.

This writing class seeks to reveal how our identities and desires interact across generations. Nineteen Boulder community members from the Baby Boomer (1946-64) and Silent Generations (1925-45) will take the course alongside undergraduates to support a richer, more nuanced conversation through co-mentorship, a central component of the class.

"We may enter as strangers, but we will leave as friends"
-Jack W.

We’ve all probably rolled out eyes at characterizations of our own generation from time to time, yet many of us have also probably stereotyped other generations. This class seeks to disrupt our tendencies to talk about other generations rather than sharing ideas with them.

The class is designed to help you successfully enter and contribute to academic and civil conversations by enhancing your abilities to conduct rigorous inquiry, and open, critical discussion with classmates and community members.

Developing mutual understanding and new perspectives

Students and community members work closely in pairs throughout the semester writing biographical profiles of one another and identify a shared research topic. These projects will expand analytical, rhetorical, and citation skills while providing an opportunity to explore topics of personal and intergenerational relevance. 

Class materials, discussions, and assignments will survey diverse perceptions and experiences and demonstrate how writing can be used to question, reflect upon, and convey complex ideas.  Continues Pg. 2 


Exploring Generation through Personal Stories and Writing 


Developing their writing skills was one reason to join as a community member. Here is a group of Alumni members that continues to gather regularly to write, share stories, and leave their impact and legacy, 

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